Enhance Efficiency of FARMERS PRODUCER ORGANISATIONS (FPOs) Using Farm Management Software

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2 min readJun 29, 2021


Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) are cooperatives of small farmers who come together to leverage their collective resources and farming policies for empowering themselves. In a country like India with a large number of small farmers, FPO’s have the potential to improve their prospects by collective management of farm inputs, technology and market scope. Add to that the recent government policies to promote FPO’s and a farm management software (FPO) to assist them, you get a successful growth formula.

The FPO’s in India have been given an atmosphere conducive to their growth, thanks to three main developments:

  1. Farm laws 2020, that gives freedom of choice to small farmers in buying and selling.
  2. Government drive to empower farmers by providing a funding of around 6850 crores to mobilize and enhance the workings of FPO’s.
  3. Government grant of up to rs.15 lakhs per FPO along with a credit grant of up to 2 crores.

All these developments make it easier for FPOs to bring about a positive impact to the society, especially when coupled with an FMS. Here’s how:

  • Farmer Ledger: An FMS can help you automate the farmer ledger and allow easy retrieval of all farmer details such as his land area, crops grown, problems faced in the field, his sales and income during past season, any outstanding to the FPO, etc.
  • Communicate with all farmers easily and in real time.
  • Audit farmers’ fields before issuing benefits under various schemes
  • Mobile app for field staff: To collect daily farm data, request solutions to problems in the field and assist to forecast raw material arrivals to FPO’s
  • Plan grading, processing, packing and storage operations.
  • Marketing of farm produces
  • Provide Traceability documents to potential customers
  • Transparency: Share critical information about the FPOs working with farmer members to gain their confidence and trust.

An FMS can also help you honor your commitment towards the #generationrestoration challenge launched on the World Environment Day 2020. The World Microbiome day, 2021, falls on 27th of June and sheds light on a crucial part of our ecosystem, the Microbiome. Microorganisms are found everywhere from plants to human intestines and exerts great influence on healthy agricultural practices. An FMS can provide you the necessary insights to help you turn your farming acreage into robust ecosystems that nurture the good microbes.

More about that on the next blog!



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